an exceptional tea starts with the perfect leaf

The goal

To find a way to introduce Pure Leaf in the high-end business market: hotels, restaurants, premium work places and business class travel.

The purpose

Pure Leaf is on a mission to let you discover the rich world of quality tea and unique flavors. They believe you deserve better. You deserve their exceptional leaves and their exceptional flavors.

The campaign

Pure Leaf is all about premium quality. We inspired our target audience with videos on how to serve the perfect tea. ‘The perfect service’ is a combination of exclusive knowledge of tea, an exclusive product and an exclusive ritual. This is how Pure Leaf helps businesses to serve the perfect tea. We used LinkedIn to inform new customers about our premium products and we redesigned the brand for the B2B market. Designed to appeal to our target audience, we created an exclusive sample kit which focused on experiencing exceptional teas, web-design, interactive tea workshops, affiliate marketing, ads, leaflets and many more.