The brief

How can Batavus reach their customers and include them in their design research?


Batavus believes a bike has to fit your way of living. No matter what. Whether you have just learnt to ride a bike, if you live in a city or if you take your bike with you on holiday. It’s a part of you. Batavus wants cyclists to know: We listen to you.

The campaign

We organized a design challenge to redesign the Batavus Quip. Firstly, we used social media to entice designers, illustrators and creatives into joining the challenge. Then, the best 10 were invited to visit the Batavus factory to design a bike. The winning design went into production and became a limited edition.

Design Challenge


Our ‘Digital First Approach’ demonstrates that we can hold the attention over a longer period of time. From the moment we invited designers, illustrators and creatives to join the challenge until the moment we announced the winner, our qualitative content was engaging to the target audience. Mix of channels: Landing page, Facebook and event.

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