fits the way you feel

The goal

Use a sales proposition to boost instore and online sales and lift brand awareness.

The purpose of Livera

Real women are beautiful. A woman might focus on her own imperfections but in reality, who is perfect? Precisely, nobody. Livera sees her differently. They see a real woman, a beautiful person. Livera wants women to feel the way that they genuinely are. Real. Livera’s gorgeous lingerie is wonderfully diverse and fits the way you feel.

8.7 M
impressions online
of target group knew about livera
3.6 M
Reach online
CPC (bench €1,-)
CTR (bench 2,27%)
Increase sales online

The campaign

The first step was to inspire our target audience by presenting different moods and introducing the campaign theme: ‘Fits the way you feel’. We updated the audience on information about the brand and the products it offers. And we lured the target audience in by providing them with an enticing incentive: 50% off the second purchase of a bra