message in a tin

The goal

To ensure women to find out that the special Libresse metal containers which store sanitary napkins are back in stores.


Libresse helps and motivates women to live more fearless. Because every woman needs a little positive support from time to time.

6.5 M
engR (bench 2,17%)
CPM (bench €5,-)
message send

The campaign

In line with this purpose, we came up with the campaign ‘Message in a tin’. We approached this concept in a very personal manner with regard to the significance of support. Women could send a message to a friend to support her. No matter what the situation. Firstly, we inspired the target audience by showing some recognizable situations where ‘support was needed’. Secondly, we invited women to join in with a special weblink to send a ‘message in a tin’. And we encouraged our public with a series of product-focused social posts.