perfect tea moment

The goal

To ensure that tea-loving millennials know about the new Lipton ‘wellness’ range.

The purpose of Lipton Tea

Lipton is all about happiness. Major life events are not the secret to being healthy and happy. It is the little things in life that make the difference. A perfect tea moment for instance…

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The campaign

Lipton has responded to the increasing awareness surrounding healthy food with their ‘wellness’ range. Lipton offers millennials healthy teas which fit every moment of the day. We used social media at various moments during the day to reach out to and inspire millennial women. As a pleasant way to wake up in the morning, a boost in the afternoon, or to help ease recovery after a weekend party. Lipton has the perfect tea for every situation. We retargeted our audience with a special offer. Tea boxes with all the new wellness teas sold out in two days.