swirl’s goes black

The goal

Swirl’s wants to open the ice cream season with a bang. Black ice cream! Our goal was to make the most of this exclusive occasion.

The purpose of Swirl’s

Nobody is the same. Nobody wants to be the same. So why eat the same? At Swirl’s you can create your own ice cream. So many different flavors, so many different toppings. It’s up to you. Let your individuality shine.

6.1 M
free publicity (25 articles)
CPC (bench 1,-)
2.1 M
sales increase
21 cones
after we had enough

The campaign

Swirl’s is a colorful brand, but for once they made an exception. We presented the black ice cream of Swirl’s as the perfect accessory for your all-black outfit. Firstly, we’ve inspired people by giving them a quick glimpse of the product. People started talking about right away and it was a trending topic. We used social media to introduce this phenomenon and encourage people to follow the trend. We then asked influencers to promote the black ice cream and to give away a few exclusive concert tickets.