the paper tells the whole story

The goal

To help people realize that the newspaper is a reliable source of information during these times of fake news.

The purpose of De Persgroep

It is a difficult task to know what is real and what isn’t nowadays. There’s so much information out there, what warrants credibility and what doesn’t? And with ever-shifting politics, Brexit and global warming, a reliable news source is more important than ever. The purpose of De Persgroep is to tell you the whole story. They bring the truth to you: through research, factchecking and the efforts of their 1000 journalists.

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The campaign

We briefed our target audience by presenting them with the newspaper’s core quality -bringing them and you the whole story. That is the job that more than 1000 journalists work on every day. And by giving the target audience an offer they could not refuse, we encouraged them to try the newspaper out.